About Gregory's work

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“Once precious materials are gathered together, there exists only potential. It is up to the artist / designer to transform that potential into reality.” - Gregory Crawford

As opposed to CAD (computer aided design) Gregory prefers to use hand tools along with traditional methods that have been passed down by the world’s finest jewelry design artists. Gregory is both the artisan and designer. His goal is to create a small masterpiece focusing on the fine details to convey a message of beauty and lift the spirit whether it is using jeweled elegance, an organic flow, or a geometric pattern to transform a vision into treasured art.

With forty-five years of hands on work in his jeweler’s workshop, as well as being guided by his love of gilded age motifs and art, a distinctive look of Gregory’s designs begin to emerge. The finest of natural gemstones and precious metals along with intricate details blending modern motifs and symbolic imagery are used in each design.

To begin the exciting process of producing your own original, please visit the section “How To Commission a Piece”. Gregory’s work over the years may be viewed in “Pictures of One of A Kind,” “Archives”, and “Originals For Sale” showcasing his unlimited skill in a variety of styles.

Email: gcrawforddesign@mac.com or contact us by phone at (478) 731-1953.